Text-A-Request, Request by Text and any other way you call it, we were the first DJ company in all of Canada to allow clients and their guests to request their songs via SMS text.  We have been doing TEXT-A-QUEST since the summer of 2009.

How Does It Work?

20/20 Entertainment DJ Services, will make available at the request of the client, business cards with the nuimber to text your song request to.  The DJ will recieve the text and may ask for more information or clarification on the song being requested.Once the song request has been recieved, the song will be placed on the request list and will be played as promptly as possible.  The exception to this rule is if the song has been placed on the event's DO NOT PLAY LIST.

This is a service that is now included with all packages that we offer. 

Key Benefits to you and your guests
-No need to leave your company to go and talk to the DJ
-No having to repeat yourself over the loud music
-You can make requests while you enjoy the dinner or even earlier on the day of the reception so that your requests will be taken care of promptly and early in the evening.
-Less likelihood of confusion in the requests since the DJ will have it typed out to look at when making announcements or picking out song selections
-If you prefer to talk to the DJ, we are always happy to take your requests Face 2 Face.

*Please note that standard text messaging rates will apply.  Please check with your service provider for text messaging rates and plans.

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